Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Maykaingalan Ride 08.15.2010

Maykaingalan Ride

last 15 Aug 2010, i had a chance to bike in a remote community of maykaingalan, rodriguez, rizal upon invitation of a bike buddy, jaymz. he was looking for a local resident who could do a clearing of paths along mt. balagbag & maykaingalan. the single tracks in these areas is part of the route for philmofo xcm fun race and the cogon grass are just too tall that there is a possibility of getting lost.

Monday, August 9, 2010

[Ride] Mount Salilid / Mount Kanumay / Mount Susong Dalaga 08.08.2010

2-Years Late: Mount Salilid (Mount Kanumay/Mount Susong Dalaga) Ride 08.08.2010

Last minute change of plans from Maykainglan (Montalban, Rizal) to Mount Salilid (Baras, Rizal)… We knew that mud in Maykaingalan will be very, very deep after days of continuous rains, so we went to a destination where the depth of the mud is a mystery to us...  ;D

I have heard/read about Mount Kanumay, or infamously called Mount Susong Dalaga, in the 90s as a new backpacking destination...

Googling it, three names came-out: Mount Salilid, Mount Kanumay and Mount Susong Dalaga. Planning with the ‘usual suspects’: Nhan, Mongare, Lansky, and PadyakBud, we set the date on July 11.  However, we have to cancel the plan to make way for the XCM track read.

I was planning to go back to Maykaingalan last Sunday for some XCM track polishing when Tropical Cyclone Dainmu/Ester hit the northern part of the country, pulling with her above-average, torrential rains. We then scrapped the planned ride and decided to reconnoiter Mount Salilid. Lansky, Mongare, and Padyakbud cannot commit.

Here is the reason for the title of “2-Years Late”: http://www.barasrizal.com/baras-in-the-news/special-action-force-camp-to-rise-in-pinugay/

Posted on August 8, 2008, 8:59 AM
The elite Special Action Force, the national maneuver unit of the Philippine National Police will soon have a permanent home in Baras, Rizal. A sprawling 368-hectare police camp will rise in Barangay Pinugay, Baras, Rizal site to the new General Headquarters and Training Base of SAF.
... According to Bartolome, aside from being an ideal location for on-base housing, the terrain and environment in the Baras property is a suitable training base for SAF and other PNP units to simulate field conditions and operational settings. Earlier, the DILG and DND signed a MOA for the transfer of some 1,600 hectares AFP property to the PNP.

Needless to say that after a few kilometers from the trailhead, we were stopped by the PNP-SAF 34th Battalion stationed on Mount Salilid.  Them holding M16s, Bushmasters, M60s, M50s, etc… we didn’t attempt to take a photo of them and the battalion headquarters.  So about-face for us…

It was still too early to call it quits and go home, so we headed towards San Ysiro’s trailhead...

[Ride] Mount Salilid / Mount Kanumay / Mount Susong Dalaga 08.08.2010